Filly Princess
Release date 2008
No. of toys 21
Filly type Princess
Preceded by Filly Beach Party
Followed by Filly Fairy

Filly Princess introduced the concept of Swarovski decorations in the toys.

In 2016, the Filly Royale toy line was created, using many existing characters with updated bios and family structures and introducing brushable tails to the normal figure design. With this alteration, it may be that Filly Princess is no longer an active part of the Filly continuity.


Other merchandiseEdit

  • The Filly World advent calendar added an exclusive Princess character (Noëlle)

Other releasesEdit

  • Four characters were used as pack-in figures in one edition of the Lissy magazine in 2009.[1]

References and notesEdit

  1. Lissy would later go on to create its own Magic Ponys horse brand.
Filly Princess
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