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Filly Royale
Release date 2016
No. of toys 21 (First set)

32 (Total known)

Filly type Royale
Preceded by Filly Stars
Followed by Filly Ballerina

The Filly Royale toy line uses many of the characters from the Filly Princess toy line, and is the first set in which the normal figures have brushable tails.

Unlike the Princess toy line, almost all of the characters' titles are "Princess" or "Prince" (as opposed to the original series using "Duke" and such).

From 'MyFillyDe' Facebook page's cover image

The russian version's name for this toy line is Королевские Филли (as seen on the package) while ukrainian official translation of Kiddisvit is Kingdom of the fairytales (Казкове королівство).

The russian magazine gives those fillys another name, благородные филли, which is a synonym of noble in the russian language.

The official description of the toy line (Whatnot toys' site)

'Follow the Filly Rainbow and you will find the most amazing magical Filly World called Royalia. Here live the Filly Royale with beautiful tails in all colors that you can imagine and they live in families which have their own color of crowns with magical crystals.

Each Filly’s crown has a different inset crystal <...>. Fillies have long, beautiful and colorful tails <...>. And every Filly has a special tattoo on its leg!'

'Filly Princess' logotype in the new style, reused for 'Royale' (Whatnot toys' site)

Alternative (early) version

'Work in progress' image of the package, cards and the flyer suggest different colors and designs of the characters. Crystal could be a princess instead of the queen, and Rainbow isn't present on any part of the promotional picture.


Other editions

Crystal and Diamond Edition

Filly Royale: Crystal and Diamond edition
Release date 2016
No. of toys 21 (foil bags) + 5 (rare)
Filly type Royale

The series received a limited series called Crystal and Diamond. Four fillys are presented as characters of it.

These filly are: Diamond, Pretty, Rowena, Sweet, with two of them being created especially for the edition (it's Diamond and Sweet). Rowena, Pretty and Diva are the only characters to have an item, they hold those in the hooves (a mirror for Pretty and a glass with a drink, a straw and a slice of a citrus fruit for Rowena, and a basket with a ribbon for Diva). The first item is of a purple colour, the second is colored with pink (the glass and the straw) and green (a fruit's piece), and the third's colors are violet (the basket) and yellow (the ribbon).

The crowns of each and every filly of  Crystal and Diamond edition are said to include a real diamond; moreover, there is only one hundred of the toys for each character. They have a different package which looks like a transparent cube (it's possible to open the cube), and illustrations on paper are one of the filly, the gems, the alternative  Filly logotype. Each toy has a writing of the name on the package. The edition was and currently is selling at the site of 'Blue Ocean' publishing (as of April of 2020). The price of one toy is 49 euro with shipping. Every filly comes with a certificate with date of creation and details on the gem written on it. Every owner of those toys can also learn about the code their filly received, and the paper of a certificate has a stamp on it.


Alternatively, some of the toys were be the prizes for several winners. To receive a chance, a person would need to find a code included with the card of Filly Royale: Crystal and Diamond edition foil bags. The code would be entered at the special section on the Filly website for the limited time.

This edition features two different logotypes, the first one is a changed 'Filly Royale' logotype which is altered to include a blue colored background on 'Royale' and the full name of the collection can be seen on second logotype, presenting the blue background as well.

The other package box

However, the package box for these foil bags doesn't use the new colour for its logotype at all.

The german channel of Dracco for youtube ('Dracco Deutschland') has uploaded the video commercial in April of 2017, this video is absent from their MyFilly channel but it can be found at MyFilly pages on facebook (myfillyworld's video was uploaded in February of 2017, while the date for the commercial's in MyFilly DE's upload is May, 2017).

Filly Royale: Crystal edition
Release date 2017
No. of toys 21+ (25 in total)
Filly type Royale

Crystal Edition

This edition is the first media of Royale to receive a shift in the visual style of the drawings that are representing it.

All of the characters are redrawn to match the newest style of Filly toy line which was introduced by Filly Ballerina and was later used for illustrations of Filly Angels.

The key differences of this edition are Diamond to change her appearance, Sweet to be included with the blind bag figurines of Filly Royale, and Pretty with Rowena to receive one additional toy with a match to the special figurines which first appeared in Crystal and Diamond edition (the toys with the price of 49 euro). These three figurines are marked as rare toys in the text of blind bags.

Image with the title

Rainbow is still a special filly, and Diamond is described as an ultra rare figurine.

Every new figurine is accompanied by the special drawings on the flyer.

The logotype of this edition unites the word Royale with the ordinary Filly logo and its background becomes purple. This logotype is used for any type of merchandise of this edition.

Unlike any other edition, Filly Royale: Crystal  isn't known to be advertised with the help of video tvcs and no single video was uploaded to the official accounts of Dracco or My Filly even if the said commercials ever existed.

Its only online presence is limited to pages and the site of Whatnot toys and images of various websites that sell toys.

Other merhcandise

  • Re-released play sets: Beauty Salon (Romantica, Rowena, Melody), Birthday Party Park (Amber, Rachel, Sandy), Crystal Castle (Crystal and Rainbow), Heart House (Heart, Molly);
  • Individual sets of one or two Filly toys;

All of the toys are distributed by the company known as Whatnot toys. The text on the package is written in english and french languages.

Both Rainbow and Diamond can be seen on illustrations for the package of foil bags' and sets of two filly toys, but the other kinds of merchandise only have Rainbow featured there, for the rare exception of one play set where she can be spotted being together with Jade (Birthday Party Park). Diamond is the only filly to be seen on illustrations of package that includes one Royale filly toy.

Characters from Single Pack set (one filly)

Magica, Valentine, Glory, Karus, Ekaros, Amin, Lori, Amira

Characters of Best Friends set (two fillys)

  • Crystal and Rowena;
  • Diva and Snow;
  • Cedric and Jade;
  • Heart and Roy;
  • Melody and Leonarda;
  • Pretty and Romantica;
Group names
Filly Royale
Main set AminAmiraCedricCrystal (special) • DivaEkarosGloryHeartJadeKarusLeonardaLoriMagicaMelodyPrettyRainbow (special) RomanticaRowenaRoy (Royale)Snow PrincessValentin
Merchandise exclusives Agatha (advent calendar) • Amalia (magazine) • Anja (advent calendar) • ArabellaGoldieMollyRachelSandySonja (advent calendar)
Crystal and Diamond Edition exclusives DiamondSweet