Filly Stars
Release date 13th of January 2015 (announcement magazine's earliest cover date)
No. of toys 22
Filly type Star Fillies
Preceded by Filly Butterfly
Followed by Filly Royale
The Filly Stars toy line involves Fillys with horns and wings. The horns are longer and thinner than those of the Unicorn Fillies and also exhibit a different horn design, while the glowing and transparent pegasus wings have many sorts of coloration when compared to their body fur. The line was first released in the Filly Magazine's 02/2015 edition tailored at late January 2015 and early February, and was first made known to the public when the cover to said magazine edition was posted on Club Filly on the 3rd of January 2015.

This set is notable for including an area that Fillies may not "dare" to go to (the Moonlight region), conflict between Filly groups (the Filly Moonlights), and showing strong connections to Filly Funtasia show (through Prince Zack, who has already been seen and named in trailers and in the episodes).

It was strongly implied by the MyFilly site that a later edition would focus around the Filly Moonlights and likely include Prince Zack.

As it was one of two newest toy lines at the moment Filly Funtasia was int the first stages of its development, Filly Stars special episode was planned to be produced. The special's story is centered around the conflict of Moonlight and Starlight fillys.

Alternate names or translations


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  • Филли Звёзды or Филли Звёздочки ('Filly Stars' and 'The little filly stars') - russian, an official translation present in the texts of 'Unitoys' package.

Filly Stars
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