Filly Unicorn
Release date •February 2011
•2012 (Silver Edition)
No. of toys 21
Filly type Unicorn
Preceded by Filly Fairy
Followed by Filly Elves

Filly Unicorn is a toy line featuring Unicorn Fillies and the location of Crystalia. It was released in late February 2011, with a main release of 21 Fillys.

Story Edit

High up in the sky you will find a floating world called Crystalia. Here, the Filly Unicorns live happily together.

Crystalia consists of six magnificent crystal-shaped islands connected by wonderful glittering rainbows, which can only be seen when the sun appears on the satin-like sky and shines through the crystal islands.

These rainbows are bridges for the Fillys to go around Crystalia, but as soon as the sun goes down, they disappear again.

The islands of Crystalia each have their own unique rainbow colour and magic: light pink for romance, dark pink for beauty, yellow for party, green for friendship and blue for dreams.

Each island is the home of a Filly family with same colour horn and magical crystal, which gives them the ability to enter the mysterious crystals, on which their home is built.

Princess Sparkle lives in the majestic tower on the centre island, Iridia. Her magical crown has crystals in all the colours of the rainbow.

Crystalia is a place of harmony and peace, and this is celebrated every month, when Princess Sparkle hosts a big glorious party at the top of her tower. Here all the Fillys come and dance until the sun is about to go down.

The adventure awaits you, travel to Crystalia and visit Filly Unicorns!


Filly Ice Unicorn
Release date 2012
No. of toys 13
Filly type Unicorn
  • Filly Ice Unicorn: Set starring skating Unicorn Fillies. Introduced 9 new characters.
  • The Filly Wedding toy line has added other Unicorn characters.

Other merchandiseEdit

  • Dream House play set (included 1 exclusive Filly)
  • Tin box (2 exclusive Fillies added)
  • A card game centered around Filly Unicorn.
Filly Unicorn
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