Filly Wedding
Filly Wedding
Release date 2014
No. of toys 10
Filly type Elf
Other merchandise Magazines
Winter Wedding play set
Advent calendar

A multi-Filly-type series that sold the figures in pairs. Each character is paired with the same Filly type of the opposite gender sharing the same first letter of their name.

A Winter Wedding play set exists featuring a reindeer-drawn carriage and a not-yet-identified Filly couple.

A Mermaid couple (Simon and Stephanie) was added by the Filly magazine in 2015.

'Filly Winter Wedding Adventskalender' (2016) features a pair of Butterfly fillys: it's Elise and Elgin.

This toy line is also known as 'Филли Свадьба' (russian title).


Alternative logo (from tvc)

Other editions

Filly Dream Wedding
Release date 2014
No. of toys 12
Filly type Butterfly
  • Filly Dream Wedding: Added 6 new couples. Has a named main location, Romancia, in contrast to the main Filly Wedding toy line.
  • Magazine (4 exclusive Fillies)

The differences from 'Winter wedding':

This name is seen in the text of the german 'Filly Magazine', namely, its special issue called 'Filly Fun' (3/2014). The illustration of the mascot Filly looks different compared to the first 'Wedding' image, and the background of this logotype (as seen on 'Wedding' part) is blue instead of pink. However, this change isn't present on the package of every play set of 'Dream Wedding' toys.

Filly couple types

For the list, see Fillies of Filly Wedding.

Other merchandise

  • Magazines
  • Advent calendar

The images of this toy line

Filly Wedding
Alexandra (playset) • Andrew (playset) • Elise (advent calendar) • Elgin (advent calendar) • JonathanJosephineJulian (magazine) • LeaLeonardMarcusMaryNaomi (magazine) • Octavia (magazine) • Oliver (magazine) * PenelopePhilipSebastianSilvaSavannah (playset) • Sven (playset)
Filly Dream Wedding
ApolloAuraCarla (magazine) • Clark (magazine) • DaisyDylanElena (Unicorn)EmilMatthewMayaSolia (magazine) • Sylvester (magazine) • ZandraZoris
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