Filly Witchy
Release date Early 2013
No. of toys 22
Filly type Witchy
Other merchandise Board game
Filly Witchy introduced Witchy Fillies.

Its russian name is 'Филли-ведьмочки' (can be translated to english as 'The little filly witches').


The logotype used for the toy line's books (german language)

Other editions

Filly Witchy Black Edition
Release date Autumn 2013
No. of toys 27
Filly type Witchy
  • Filly Witchy Black Edition: Possibly "Black Magic" edition. Featured 5 members of the previously-unseen Mysterious family and all characters from the main set. Abra, Cadabra and Lynn have received design changes, all other returning Witchys are unchanged.

Filly Ice Witchy
Release date 2013
No. of toys 4
Filly type Witchy
Other merchandise Advent Calendar (+3 Fillies)
  • Filly Ice Witchy Edition: Introduced skating Witchy Fillies.
    • Filly Witchy Ice Advent Calendar 2013: Added 3 new skating Witchy Fillies.

Other merchandise

  • Play sets:
    • Filly Witchy Bewitched Magic House - Included an exclusive Filly
    • Filly Witchy Enchanted Windmill - Included an exclusive Filly
  • Filly Witchy: Hexentanz in Zimsala - A board game
  • Filly Witchy Adventures - a mobile phone game

Separate toy lines that added to key Filly type

Group names
Filly Witchy
Main set AbraAliceAquaBaltazarBroomCadabraFleurHexieKayaLynnMerlinaMirandaMorganRheaSabrinaSkyStormTarotVickyWilmaXeniaZeth
Merchandise exclusives Beatrix (magazine) • Emeralda (play set) • Ivy (advent calendar) • Lara (magazine) • Lumina (play set) • Selena (play set)
Black Edition exclusives CelestiaCloudFantasmaFridaMimic
Filly Ice Witchy
CamillaChillFrostineHolly (advent calendar) • Nanna (advent calendar) • ViolaWiz (advent calendar)
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