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Filly World
Filly World Branding 2.png
This branding only appeared on one set. Other sets use the standard Filly logo.
Release date Early April 2012
No. of toys Lacked a main set
Filly type Elf
For the world of the Fillys that recently became more talked about in toys, see Filly World (location).

Filly World is the technical term used by various toy makers, sellers and advertisers, for when a playset, surprise egg, puzzle or other types of merchandise that involves the Filly toys, has only been branded merely as Filly. It also often indicates that the toyset in question borrows from multiple of Filly's normally strict toy lines, but cases of one-line sets being branded as Filly has also occured.

Many of the products listed as Filly World has been distributed in red or dark pink packages, has the English product name listed in the biggest letters, and contains content mixed together from Filly Princess, Filly Fairy, and Filly Unicorn.

Select toys with the branding

  • Most prominently, the 2012 international Filly advent calendar was branded as Filly, and is often titulated as the "Filly World calendar"
  • Filly Playground was a set of large surprise eggs that could hold standard-size Filly toys of either a Princess, Fairy or Unicorn, and could also hold tiny playsets to go along, such as a slide or a swing. The eggs are branded merely as Filly, although YouTube advertisements by third-parties label it as Filly World.
  • The labelling has prominently been used in art sets, such as for coloring markers, stickers, and chalks.
  • In one instance, Universal Brand made Filly ice pops, branded with characters from Filly Unicorn, Filly Elves and Filly Witchy. It was sold in packs of ten 40-milliliter ice pops, with 4 flavors and 2 collection stickers (out of 12) in each pack.