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Victoria holding a cupcake in her hooves, notwithstanding that the picture was used as an April Fools gag. Image from MyFilly Facebook page.

The cuisine of the Filly World is one of diversity, although heavily based on sweets and pastry, with warm meals outside of baking being rare.

Filly Funtasia

The animated series shows that cupcakes and a layered pink-brown cube meal are on the menu at the Royal Magic Academy.

Cuisine in toys

Melian has introduced many new meals to the Fairy Fillies, including spaghetti with bellflower sauce, rose leaf salad, fried maize cornbread and stardust pudding.

Leaf drinks tea in her work breaks at her restaurant. She also has a signature recipe on Europe-style waffles, which includes:

  • 50 gram sugar[1]
  • 1 pack of vanilla sugar
  • 2 cups of fluid cream[2]
  • Salt
  • 250 gram flour[3]

Prince Valentin can be seen in the Filly Sammelband holding a plate of yellow flowers on it.

Lady Rowena has baked birthday cakes and lemon cinnamon spirals, and is similarly to Valentin, seen with a plate of generic cookies.

Sally bakes muffins. A lot of muffins. She also makes other treats, including a water lily lemonade.

Despite being underwater, the Mermaid Fillies consume seaweed cocktails and several types of squash.

Tea is also familiar to the Witchy Fillies, as Rhea is fond of blackberry flower tea, and recommends adding ginger and lemon essence to your tea.

Merlina has quite a lot of recipes she's using, including moonshine muffins, cherry flower ice cream and rainbow pasta.

Storm is known to make coffee, and Tarot specifically likes chocolate cakes.

Lara is fond of lemon bonbons.

Cuisine in other merchandise

Adding magazines and social media, results in a furthermore expanded range of food.

A Filly magazine from spring 2014 had a comic taking place in Emocia, where ice cream and Looney Raspberries were consumed, with the Looney Raspberries being a thing of the Tricky family.

A Thanksgiving picture at MyFilly's Facebook and Twitter pages showed a full American Thanksgiving meal, up to and including a huge turkey, small breads, grapes, apples, pears, tomatoes and carrots.

Public restaurants

The Amoria family led by Leaf runs a restaurant in Crystalia.

Marina runs a squash bar with many visitors.

Tools used for cooking

Saucepans are used by the Fairy Fillies, as Will once did a balance number with Melian's saucepans.


  1. 1.8 ounces in Imperial measure.
  2. The language involved indicates mere drinking cups, but if it uses the United States cup, the two cups will be 470 milliliters.
  3. 8.8 ounces in Imperial measure.