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The Filly communities on Twitter are a very loosely assorted set of singular profiles and small chat groups that take place on Twitter. Only a cursory system is known to connect these, although none of them are completely separated from one another.

Known groups

  • The FillyRT retweeting bot was taking care of retweeting direct mentions of Filly Funtasia, and was doing so since October 2013.
  • Funtasia Daily maintain Twitter accounts with decent posting rates, while BRB Internacional was doing so in the past until they quit their work with 'Filly Funtasia'.
    • Most of Funtasia Daily's Twitter posts are automated posts about new Funtasia Daily articles, but it also happens that non-automated posts about fun facts, or participations in the Twitter congolomerate (see below)'s chats happen.
    • The vast majority of BRB Internacional's Twitter posts had nothing to do with Filly Funtasia, instead often posting about old productions from the 1980's through mid-2000's. Filly scoops happened at times; the April 2014 trailer was first released through their Twitter account.
  • The Twitter conglomerate (name subject to change) was an informal, unspecified group in which a handful of Twits (five or so, as of 8th of April 2015) liked to reply to each others' comments a whole lot. Zejgar and Exohasard were commonly found in it, along with Griffins&unicorns and Bob-Dude, and Skundi might join a chat through his Funtasia Daily Twitter account. While Filly as a whole was gladly discussed by everyone, a number of secondary topics could take place between selected posters. A small assortment of such topics included, but was not limited to:
    • Lalaloopsy (Exohasard, Zejgar)
    • Power Rangers (Zejgar, Bob-Dude)
    • My Little Pony Tales (Bob-Dude, Exohasard, Zejgar)
    • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Zejgar, Griffins&unicorns, Exohasard)
    • Warcraft (Zejgar, Skundi)
  • A few other Twitter accounts that deals with Filly are known, such as that of Tumblr artist Leah Cinnamon.
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