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A Filly Extra magazine covering a Filly Elves household.

The magazines were produced by Blue Ocean Entertainment, aimed at children and featured Filly-themed comics, puzzles, recipes, posters, and more. In some cases they were also used to foreshadow upcoming areas, e.g. before the Flower Tower's release, a Filly Butterfly magazine featured a map of Papillia with the addition of a sparkly outline showing where the new area would appear.

The magazines also came with items, including exclusive Filly characters.

Eventually met its probable end after October of 2021, which was confirmed by lack of any announcement date for next issue on its pages, no update to the page on Blue Ocean's site (and later - partial update to include images for special issue of Lissy), and letters its subscribers received, offering to switch to any other magazine or cancel the subscription.

Magazine variants

There were ten variants of Filly magazines published in Germany:

  • Filly-Magazin (Filly Magazine). The main magazine, it mostly covered the newest regular toy brand, as well as new characters of old toy lines, and after there was nothing new left to show, it had compilations of old Filly material. Every release in 2014 had a Butterfly Filly on the front page, for starters. Ice brands generally weren't covered, and new Sonderfiguren characters happened but were uncommon. It was releasing monthly since 2009 and the last issue was selling in October of 2021, with the magazine being partially renamed to 'Großer PONY-Spaß' (Great pony fun) since August of that year (the move was to help the readers get used to change to the magazine with realistic horse characters - special issue for Lissy - starting in November of 2021, as well as possible permament switch to ordinary issues of Lissy in 2022, a magazine with return of magical pony like characters, similar to Filly in some ways).
  • Filly Season. This one covered specific themes and seasons, such as Christmas.
  • Filly Traumhochzeit (Filly Dream Wedding). Covered Filly Wedding with particular focus on romantic things and on unusual ways to have wedding-related fun. Was published roughly twice a year.
  • Filly Mermaids. Covered the titular brand. Was published in the summer months, with one edition each for June, July and August.
  • Filly Sammelband (Filly Anthology). Proclaimed itself to be the fan guide to the Filly characters, and indeed had extended bios for all regular-release Fillys that was released in the past year, and a select few special characters. Was annually since 2012 and until 2018 (avoiding Angels) and had with a figurine of one of the characters.

  • Filly SilberStars (Filly SilverStars). A celebration of all things silver, and that shows. The color tones are silver, the hair is silver, even the water is silver. Was published annually since 2012.
  • Filly Extra, also known as Filly Playset-Edition. Each edition covered a building with a household. Was published every two months in 2013, but the actual release span was a bit wobbly.
  • Filly Star Stylist. As it has a fashion theme, its tasks and activities revolved around design, coloring, and clothes. Was tied to the smartphone app with the same name is likely but not guaranteed. Was published quarterly.
  • Filly Unbox Fun - a new edition of 'Filly Magaziny' which features riddles, coloring pages, posters. It's pretty much the same as the ordinary magazine except for one detail: there's more 'Filly' toys coming with the magazine. Every copy of the magazine under this title is packed with the following gifts: one of the ten 'Filly Angels' figurine, four accessory items (out of 27), one 'Wish bag', one mini-poster and one manual for the certain accessory item being 'a sparkling pink ring'. There is only one volume being released in Germany.

Gallery of images for variants of the magazine

International variants

  • The Russian magazine was ongoing since 2012 and stopped sometime around 2019. In the beginning, it was published by Premiera media but after the magazine was releasing through Origami - it belongs to Ast publishing (the one Russian Filly books were released by).
  • A Czech magazine was published by Řitka video. Largely based around Filly Fairy, with Filly Mermaids among the few other brands with a visible presence, it was published throughout most of 2012 and 2013, first as Koník Filly and later as Filly Fairy Magazín.
  • A Norwegian magazine was published for some years around 2013; the details are a bit vague because the editor of this sentence is relying on his memory. It spent 2014 covering the Filly Elves on a two-year delay.
  • The Spanish magazine called 'Filly Revista' was around at least since 'Filly Butterfly'. This version is alike to the original one and only covers material for 'Filly' as its only brand.