A Filly Extra magazine covering a Filly Elves household.

The magazines, produced by Blue Ocean Entertainment, are aimed at children and feature Filly-themed comics, puzzles, recipes, posters, and more. In some cases they have also been used to foreshadow upcoming areas, e.g. before the Flower Tower's release, a Filly Butterfly magazine featured a map of Papillia with the addition of a sparkly outline showing where the new area would appear.

The magazines also come with items, including exclusive Filly characters.

Magazine variantsEdit

There are nine magazines published in German:

  • Filly-Magazin (Filly Magazine). The main magazine, mostly covering the newest regular toy brand. Every release in 2014 had a Butterfly Filly on the front page, for starters. Ice brands generally aren't covered, and new Sonderfiguren characters happens but are uncommon. It has been released monthly since 2009.
  • Filly Season. This one covers specific themes and seasons, such as Christmas.
  • Filly Traumhochzeit (Filly Dream Wedding). Covers Filly Wedding with particular focus on romantic things and on unusual ways to have wedding-related fun. Published roughly twice a year.
  • Filly Mermaids. Covers the titular brand. Published in the summer months, with one edition each for June, July and August.
  • Filly Sammelband (Filly Anthology). Proclaims itself to be the fan guide to the Filly characters, and does indeed have extended bios for all regular-release Fillys that was released in the past year, and a select few special characters. Published annually since 2012.
  • Filly SilberStars (Filly SilverStars). A celebration of all things silver, and that shows. The color tones are silver, the hair is silver, even the water is silver. Published annually since 2012.
  • Filly Extra, also known as Filly Playset-Edition. Each edition covers a building with a household. Was published every two months in 2013, but the actual release span is a bit wobbly.
  • Filly Star Stylist. As it has a fashion theme, its tasks and activities revolve around design, coloring, and clothes. Ties to the smartphone app with the same name is likely but not guaranteed. Published quarterly.

International variantsEdit

  • The Russian magazine has been ongoing since 2012 and is still running.
  • A Czech magazine has been published by Řitka video. Largely based around Filly Fairy, with Filly Mermaids among the few other brands with a visible presence, it was published throughout most of 2012 and 2013, first as Koník Filly and later as Filly Fairy Magazín.
  • A Norwegian magazine was published for some years around 2013; the details are a bit vague because the editor of this sentence is relying on his memory. It spent 2014 covering the Filly Elves on a two-year delay.
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