Filly Wiki
First appearance Filly Unicorn Dream House playset
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Title Princess
Other names Флора Lang-RU.png
Home Dream House
Other relatives Princess Sparkle (cousin)
Varita (unspecified)
Queen Nieva (mother)
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Princess Flora was the exclusive Filly of the Dream House play set.

Information from Filly Sammelband

Text below is translated automatically:

  • Princess
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Coat Color: Floral Pink
  • Greatest wish: to grow an eternally flowering flower
  • Motto: If you sow seeds in your garden, you can expect wonderful things soon
  • Family and friends: She is the cousin of Princess Sparkle
  • Special trait: She can make wilted flowers bloom again, thanks to magic
  • Delicious! In her greenhouse, Flora grows not only flowers, but also all sorts of herbs. They make every meal a feast and are a true secret ingredient.
  • Dreamlike home: Flora lives in a pretty dream house, through which a sweet floral scent always blows.
  • Of course, what should not be missing? That's right: a big garden!
  • Flora of Crystalia: A very special flower grows in Flora's garden: Flora Crystalia. It has magical powers and not only magically attracts butterflies; Flora's friends also often enjoy its sight.

(on a separate page):

  • The special possessions of the Fillys: This is Flora's magic flower, the 'Flora Crystalia'. Do you see the beautiful purple crystal in the middle of the white petals? This is where the magical powers sit.