Filly Wiki
Flower Tower
Region Papillia
Native Filly type Butterfly
Residents Blaze
Other names Torre Fiore Lang-IT.png

The Flower Tower is home to the exclusive family of the Filly Butterfly Glitter version. This household really loves flowers, like how they smell, look or even how amazingly soft their petals are[1].

Not to be confused with the Royale Flower Tower, which is home to Royale Fillies.

The swings of the tower is a place where Shadow and Taylor enjoy spending their time together.

It is said that the sunsets there are the most beautiful ones and it's not possible to find such a pretty sky at any other place of Papillia.

Whenever the fillys of Mystery Family must be gathered together, the butterfly on the roof starts to shine and gives each antennae of Butterflies a signal so they will know they should hurry up home.


  1. (Polish) MyFilly "Pełno w niej przeróżnych kwiatów, ponieważ Kwiatowa Rodzinka uwielbia je! Wszyscy lubią zapach kwiatów, ich widok oraz to, jak miękkie są ich płatki w dotyku."