Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Iridia
First appearance Filly Unicorn tin box

Sammelband description

Fortune teller


  • Eye color: Yellow
  • Coat color: A pretty lilac
  • Biggest wish: Something big that would be the biggest mystery to have happened in Crystalia.
  • Motto: Crystalia, the world, everything — I see it all in my crystal ball!
  • She loves to do this: Reflecting over a mystery
  • Family and friends: In her speech hour, Fortuna recieved many inquisitive Fillys, which for her good advice were eternally grateful in return.
  • Unusual trait: Uses a magic crystal ball for her predictions.

Fortuna need at least ten hours of sleep each night, and if she don't get it, she is tired throughout the day and makes inaccurate predictions. Sleep well, Fortuna!

Her passion:
The fortune teller will find everything mysterious to be so exciting that she thinks long about questions such as: Where do our dreams come from? And where has my favorite cup gone?

If a Filly has a question or needs help, they turn to Fortuna. In many problems she gives advice on, the first thing she does is take a nap. That almost always helps!

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