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Native Filly type Unicorn
Subregions Royal Magic Academy
Other names Фантазія Lang-UA.png (dub)
Фантазия Lang-RU.png (website of PlusPlus)

Funtasia is a location, presumably somewhere in the Filly world, and the main setting of Filly Funtasia. It has been described on a few occasions as a land, with the lower area's features including the land's only major building, the Royal Magic Academy, an adjacent road network, a mountain ridge, and the occasional river, forest and oddly shaped building, almost all of which fitted within a roughly 5 square kilometer area. Positioned oppositely from the Academy is a long waterfall running down from a rock formation, and an unidentified structure in many shades of purple and pink.[1]

There are a few paths connecting Funtasia with other regions, including a cloudy bridge with a portal leading to Paradisia and an underwater cave that provides access to Aquatica.

Butterflies are a part of the fauna there[2], and the flora is full of multi-colored flowers and also filled with many trees despite seemingly having a very low tree line. The highest-ranked Filly on current record is Princess Sparkle, by virtue of being the principal of the Academy. It has a deep and long cave system whose entrance is within a forest, but few Fillys appear to know much about it.

This place is unique to the show as of the moment. It didn't appear before 'Filly Funtasia' was created and it doesn't appear in any of the released toy lines.

A style guide's image of Funtasia


  1. The opposite views are only seen in vague short shots in the November 2013 trailer as Rose is spinning around on the hill.
  2. Not to be confused with Butterfly Fillies. In this case it's simply small ordinary butterflies.