Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Somnia
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Other names Гайя

Гаи (Filly Unicorn flyer)Lang-RU

Parent/s Ashia
Sibling/s Luna (younger sister)

Gaia is a female Unicorn Filly, who spends most of her awake hours daydreaming. Some say, that the wonderful things that Gaia dreams about when she sleeps, gives everyone all over Crystalia sweet dreams.

She was mistakenly referred to as 'Гала' ('Gala') in one of the russian magazines (this volume dates to 'April of 2014').

'Filly Unicorn' re-release

Gaia appears as a character of ordinary foilbags and a 'Garden' set. Her figurine comes with the flowers and a pink mirror (in a butterfly shape). This filly is drawn in the new visual style as well.

Residents of Somnia
Ashia, Gaia, Luna, Nox, Stella, Squeak
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