Region Crystalia
Native Filly type Unicorn
Residents Alex
Amanda (unicorn)
Miracle (unicorn)
Queen Nieva
Ice Glacia

The Ice Unicorns in a group shot on the ice rink.

Glacia is considered the seventh island of Crystalia. It appears when snow falls and the sun reflects the snowflakes to create a round rainbow on the sky. Due to the temporary nature of the island, it has no permanent residents, and the dedicated ice unicorns are also listed as belonging to one of the other six islands of Crystalia. Queen Nieva is despite all this the ruler of Glacia, having been preceded by Miracle (unicorn).

It holds the standing record for the subregion with the most residents, even if on a part-time basis, with 13 residents on the island. Aquatica's and Crystal Valley's castles come close at 11 each, and that is as the only permanent houses in their regions, but they don't quite cut it. It is also a possible candidate for being the only subregion with its own subregion, as it has a big purple house known as the Ice Palace.


It is primarily visited for its ice rink, which is used for everything from skating races to teaching ice dancing to ice hockey. The Ice Unicorns train all year long for when the island appears, and it is noted that the ice activities create friendships between the ordinary unicorns and the ice unicorns.

A pink house with blue decorations is seen on the island, but its purpose is unknown.

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