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Voiced by •María Fernanda Febres Lang-VE
First appearance In toy lines
Filly Mermaids Glitter Edition

In Filly Funtasia
The Lost Mermaid

Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Title Princess
Принцесса Lang-RU
Other names In toy lines
Глитерина, Глиттерина Lang-RU

In Filly Funtasia
丽娜 (lì nà) Lang-ZH

Home In toy lines
In Filly Funtasia
Sibling/s Mia
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Glitterina is the special character of the Glitter Mermaid Fillies and the older sister of Mia. She rules over Coralia.

As of Super glitter edition, she is the owner of Shine's Sun catcher wand that helped the mermaids to receive new magic and a slightly different appearance.

Glitterina is also a friend of Shine, a friendship the two shared among their groups.

On pages of Filly Sammelband...[]

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  • Fin colour: Rainbowy
  • Coat colour: Magic pink
  • She likes: Happy Filly Mermaids
  • She dislikes: Cold whirlpools
  • Special traits: Princess Glitterina selflessly takes care of all her friends. She is not conceited or snooty, but can also really lend a hand when a Filly is in need.
  • Her bigger wish: Glitterina wishes that the sun always shines over Coralia so that the water is nice and warm and bright rays sparkle in the waves
  • Motto: No matter how far the journey is, swimming is always fun with friends
  • Did you know? Whenever Princess Glitterina combs her long, flowing mermaid hair with her shell brush, it's summertime in Coralia!
  • Pet Muffin: The little turtle is her best friend

Profile on[]

  • Glitterina (Mermaid Filly)
  • Traits: Witty, brave
  • Character setting: Glitterina is a descendant of the Land of Waters, and she has been looking for the guardian crystal to return to the Land of Waters.

From article[]

Knd-hearted and optimistic.

As the princess of the land of water, she shoulders the responsibility of protecting the rejuvenation and safety of the land of water, and she has steel-like willpower and focus on finding the guardian crystal of the green sea. At the same time, she is grateful to the Fillys who helped her, treats each other sincerely, and treats guests warmly.

In Filly Funtasia[]

Glitterina is a main character in the eleventh episode, The Lost Mermaid. She meets Rose helping her collect a crystal. At the end of the episode, she meets all of Rose's friends and teachers. It is implied she lives in Aquatica.

She is friendly towards Rose as she helps the unicorn by giving her a cupcake and by using all of the magic to create a bubble so the filly can breathe underwater.

Glitterina felt sad when talking and thinking about the past of the Filly Mermaids and she had a great wish to help her kingdom and the mermaids to restore the balance they had lost. She expressed a feeling of gratitude by hugging Rose when the unicorn said she will help the mermaid filly, and was happy to have other fillys at her side when they decided to help her and the other mermaids.

She doesn't appear in any other episode in season one, and keeps not being mentioned; although, she is seen on some Chinese posters and merchandise like trading cards, t-shirts or even figurines.

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