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This scan doesn't represent true colours due to fade
This scan doesn't represent true colours due to fade
First appearance Filly Ice Fairy Eiszauber magazine #1
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Title Königin Lang-DE.png
Other names Гвен Lang-RU.png
Home Dream Palace

Queen Gwen is a female Ice Fairy Filly. She was the first fairy who settled the Land of Crystal Lights, and in a complicated chain of events, it is said that her crown crystal melted a glacier, and in the resulting magical sea, the Ice Palace was created, in which all of the Ice Fairies live.

In Filly Sammelband...

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  • Strength: Spirals
  • Eye colour: Light brown
  • Coat colour: Purple
  • Her palace room: Crystal Hall
  • Special trait: She is the queen of the land of crystal light
  • Favorite motto: Glittering ice is my world because I like ice skating
  • Special trail: Spirals. Gwen leaves them as a trail on the ice. Wonderful!
  • Great ice spirals: On the ice, Queen Gwen is the master of spirals. Her spirals draw large circles on the ice. She can spin very small spirals that make you dizzy to watch
  • She likes it: Gwen loves her Filly Friends and her crystal hall, which glitters in the most magnificent colours. Queen Gwen lives there and is always very humble despite her large kingdom.
  • Family and friends: Queen Gwen is a very special Ice Fairy. She is the first Filly Fairy to settle in the Land of Crystal Light. She is the queen of the Ice Kingdom.