Species Royale
Gender Female
Home Dream House
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Title Princess

One of the Royale Fillies recognisable by the white, heart-shaped marking on her leg. Normally this marking is on her foreleg, but there is an alternate version of her a long braid and the heart marking on her hind leg. This same design is seen in Sweet.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Princess Heart is a sweet and loving Princess. She loves to write love stories in her diary, hoping they get published soon. She dreams to be a famour [sic] writer someday. In the meantime, she finds happiness in encouraging her Filly friends to act out her romantic stories and pretend they are in a play. She is so loving that she keeps a pocket full of heart-shaped notes which she gives away to close friends. She loves everything to do with hearts and love to dress up her hair with cute heart stickers!


Heart's alternative design

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