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Hide and Seek
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Season 1
Episode 10
Original airdate Lang-IT.png March 22, 2019
Written by Armin Prediger
Original episode order
Previous Teacher for a Day
Next The Lost Mermaid
Alternative episode order
Previous The Cupcake Mystery
Next A Magical Lesson
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Hide and Seek is the tenth episode of Filly Funtasia.


After learning to use teleportation crystals in Florian's class, Lynn and Will steal one, leading to trouble that requires the help of their friends.

Ukrainian dub's synopsis

(taken from an official Ukrainian page for the show and translated to English)

Since the fillys (the text keeps calling the characters  'the ponies') has learned the basics of teleportation, the Academy's teacher decided to play a game with his students: the one who will get to the places depicted on the map will win a prize - the cupcakes from mister Mister Cookington. But teleportation is something that should be taken very seriously. Which adventures are awaiting the fillys* this time? [1]

Synopsis from BIGI

Will and Lynn accidentally release Wranglum after stealing the crystal that can teleport anyone who is holding it anywhere.


In class, Florian has just finished teaching the students how to use teleportation crystals. As a fun practical aside, he tells them to race to a set of marked locations, and the first one to finish will get pancakes. Cedric wins the race, and the lesson resumes with the students practicing teleportation in pairs.

Since before the practical part of the lesson began, Rose has been getting nightmarish glimpses of what could go wrong. Although she apparently dismisses this as nerves, her visions clearly include Wranglum. When she and Cedric try to teleport as a pair, Cedric tries to take them to the Astronomy tower, but they end up in the basement where Battiwigs and Wranglum are hiding nearby. Rose tells Cedric that he just wasn't concentrating enough. She remembers her visions as she says this, but again brushes them off.

Back in class, Florian gathers all the teleportation crystals back up apart from Fabian's as Fabian wants to do research. However, Will and Lynn steal a crystal while he's not looking. After class, Cedric is playing hide-and-seek with them, and the pair use the crystal to teleport, but it takes them to a dungeon corridor. Will startles Lynn and she drops the crystal without noticing.

In the Royal Magic Academy's basement, Wranglum feels that someone has gone into his booby-trapped dungeon hideout, and he makes Battiwigs take him there. He tells Battiwigs that he made this maze of corridors as a trap, but it was so well hidden that no one ever found it until now.

Will and Lynn have started to panic and, when Rose, Cedric and Bella, they explain their situation and ask for help. Rose and co go straight to Fabian, who is still studying the teleportation crystal, and convince him to let them use it to search for Will and Lynn.

Back in the dungeon, Battiwigs accidentally gets stuck in a web. A giant spider frees him and introduces herself as Tula. Tula is excited to have guests as she's been alone for so long, and Wranglum says that she was a normal spider before he turned her into a monstrous dungeon one. Tula is disappointed when the two walk off without her.

Will and Lynn are lost, but then Bella and Rose teleport next to them. They soon realise that they've lost Cedric and Fabian though, and that Fabian is the one with the crystal, so all four are stuck in the dungeon. In fact, Cedric and Fabian are on the ceiling, but it's so tall and the gravity so warped that they don't realise they're not alone in a room, and the pair teleport away again.

Tula has begun following Battiwigs and Wranglum. Wranglum finds the crystal that Lynn dropped and uses it to teleport out of his prison to the dungeon. He says the effect of one crystal will only be temporary, and rushes to find the students.

The students have begun arguing, with Rose being annoyed that Will and Lynn have put the rest of them in danger, but Wranglum enters the room and all four Fillies flee in different directions. They run through an Escher-like stair arrangement and end up running into Wranglum's web-trap at the centre of the maze.

Cedric and Fabian teleport in just in time to teleport them and their friends out to the forest. Tula has been teleported out with them and, grateful to be back at her normal size and free from the dungeon, she frees them from the web. Meanwhile, Wranglum's teleportation time has run out, and he's again trapped in his crystal prison.

Back in Fabian's class, Fabian's crystal is returned as the students explain what happened. Fabian believes they've learnt their lesson, and they all go for pancakes. Meanwhile, Wranglum tries the dropped crystal despite it being chipped, only to be teleported onto the pancake-flipping machine.


  • This episode is one of the three episodes of the show released on Airtel Xstream, KidsFlix and MyToonz. It is listed as the third episode, the previous two being being The Lost Mermaid and Farina, the Fire Dragon.
    • When fans of the show asked Armin Prediger about his contributions to Filly Funtasia, he gave order and titles where Hide and Seek is also the third episode.
  • In Singapore (second official English release), the episode is fifteenth.
  • This is the first time Rose and her friends have come across the real Wranglum.
  • The Italian and Ukrainian names for the episode are the literal translation of the original title or close to it.
  • From this episode onward, the pre-credits sequences are almost consistently the beginnings of episodes rather than precaps, the only exception being I Dare You.

Animation errors

  • The title was incorrectly capitalised as "Hide And Seek" in the episode's opening.
  • Lynn's hair and crown cut off in a strange way when she tells Will that Cedric will find them at any moment.
  • After Will summons his mirror when hiding from Cedric, Cedric vanishes from the background.
  • When Will and Lynn teleport before Cedric finds them, Will's mouth moves with no dialogue. The English version airing in Singapore fixes this by moving the teleportation command to when they begin teleporting rather than when they reach their destination.
  • The chest that is the secret entrance to the dungeon is missing its lid when viewed from the inside while Battiwigs opens it.
  • Fire in the torches on the walls in Wranglum's maze dungeon are sometimes inanimate or misplaced.

Version differences between languages

  • In general:
    • There are a lot of very noticeable moments of missing dialogue in some versions that vary between some releases. In most version however, none of the dialogue is missing.
      • Oddly, the Singapore release reveals that not only dialogue, but some sound effects, too, were missing.
    • In the English releases, teleportation has a secondary term called "zapping".
    • In the English versions, Florian states that the teleportation crystals are not toys rather than saying that teleportation is not a game.
      • Will's dialogue is different to reflect this; saying the teleportation crystal is "the best toy ever" rather than that teleportation is the best game.
    • Some lines of dialogue are rewritten to include the teleportation command, causing it to be heard more often in some non-English releases of the show.
  • Removals from the Singapore release:
    • Wranglum basically revealing that the trap in the center of the maze is the only trap he set up in the dungeon, and that no one even found the maze dungeon before Lynn and Will entered it.
    • The entire scene featuring Battiwigs and Wranglum at the end of the episode.


Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-IT.png Italy Frisbee March 22, 2019
Lang-UA.png Ukraine PlusPlus December 9, 2019
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) iQiyi November 28, 2019
Lang-ZH.png China (Mandarin) Hunan TV January 29, 2020
Lang-HU.png Hungary Minimax October 04, 2020
Language-ro.png Romania Minimax September 18, 2020
Lang-CZ.png Czech Republic Minimax September 29, 2020
Language-sr.png Serbia Minimax October 11, 2020
Lang-Slv.png Slovenia Minimax October 11, 2020
Lang-VE.png Venezuela TLT La Tele Tuya February 26, 2021
Lang-SG.png Singapore (English) Channel 5 (tv) and meWATCH (VOD) March 23, 2022
Lang-DE.png Germany Junior June 14, 2022

Alternate titles

  • Italian: Nascondino;
  • Ukrainian: Гра в хованки (A game of hide-and-seek);
  • Chinese: 捉迷藏;
  • Hungarian: Bújócska;
  • Serbian: Igra žmurke;
  • Czech: Hra na schovávanou;
  • Hebrew: מחבואים;
  • Latin American Spanish: Las escondidas;
  • German: Versteckspiel (part 1) and Das gigantische Spinnennetz (part 2);

References and links

  1. (In Ukrainian) "Оскільки поні вже опанували основи телепортації, то вчитель академії вирішив пограти з учнями в гру: хто побуває в усіх позначених на карті місцях, отримає приз – капкейки від містера Кукінгтона. Але телепортація – це дуже серйозно. Які пригоди чекають на поні цього разу?" [1]