House with Many Doors
Region Skylia
Native Filly type Star
Residents Afrodite
Other names Haus der Magischen Türen Lang-DE

Huis met vele deurenLang-NL

Maison aux nombreuses portes Lang-FR

Hus med mange døreLang-NO

Hus med många dörrarLang-SE

Hus med mange dører

Дім з багатьма дверима Lang-UA

Moniovinen taloLang-fin

Home to the Filly Skylights.

This home has truly earned its name because its innumerable doors always lead to a different location. This causes funny situations if the Skylights are looking, for example, for their kitchen...[1] One door is even a gateway to the mystical forest in the Moonlight Region![2]

The German name for this area is "Haus der Magischen Türen" ("House of Magic Doors"), which confirms that the doors work with magic.

Judging from Studia's wing/horn colours, she may also live here.


  1. From magazine. Original German text: "Dieses Heim hat seinen Namen wirklich verdient, denn seine unzähligen Türen führen immer an einen anderen Ort. Lustig wird das, wenn die Skylights zum Beispiel ihre Küche suchen..."
  2. From MyFilly site
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