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I Dare You
Melian welcomes the fillys, IDA 24.jpg
Season 1
Episode 24
Original airdate Lang-ZH.png December 25, 2020
Written by Unknown
Original episode order
Previous Funtasia Festival
Next The Haunted Library
Alternative episode order
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I Dare You is the twenty fourth episode of Filly Funtasia in the international releases.

Short synopsis

Fairy fillys are grateful to Rose, Bella, Lynn, Will, Cedric and others because their land was saved and everything returned to its usual pace. That is why some students and teachers of The Academy are invited to land of fairy fillys. However, the trip isn't going to be peaceful, as the weather in that land changed drastically... What will the friends, their classmates and teachers do now?

Interesting facts

  • This episode's order doesn't vary between Chinese and International (for example, Minimax and Plus Plus follow the latter) releases, with the only exception of Venezuela (TLT) where it's episode 26 instead;


  • It's twenty-fourth episode in order of Singaporean premieres as well;
  • Coach replaces 3D render of Cedric for short moments when Cedric, Rose and Bella are escaping the lizards and are looking at bellflowers; while Coach should still be in these lands, he's staying with Twilight and the rest of students;
  • One of the animatics (2D animations used as guides for how characters and objects should look like in motion, sometimes simplified and general) uploaded by a person from staff of the show is dated as being from 2018; it's the scene when Amigos song is performed by Rose, after all problems of fairy fillys being solved;

Alternate titles

  • Latin American Spanish: ¡Te reto!;
  • Hebrew: נראה אותך;
  • Ukrainian: Виклик (Challenge/dare);
  • German: Ich fordere dich heraus (part 1) and Sturmalarm (part 2);