Region Crystalia
Native Filly type Unicorn
Residents Dash
Miracle (unicorn)
Princess Sparkle
Queen Nieva
Summer Iridia

The regular lineup, which usually counts only Sparkle.

Iridia is the central floating island of Crystalia, and it functions as the center destination of all of the rainbows that lead between Crystalia's islands. Its symbol is a multicoloured gem.

This island is home to the Unicorn princess, Princess Sparkle. Additionally, Fortuna and Varita live here based on pictures from the Sammelband pages.

Ice Iridia

The Ice Unicorn lineup for Iridia.

Three ice unicorns are also listed with Iridia as their home place: Dash, Miracle, and Queen Nieva. Despite Nieva's high rank, she is considered the ruler of Glacia and not Iridia, so Sparkle remains the leading Filly of Iridia. On the flipside, this means that Iridia is not home to the leader of one, but two leaders of different Filly areas.

From MyFilly site Edit

  • "Iridia is the island at the very centre of Crystalia. Princess Sparkle lives here in her beautiful tower."