Species Angel
Gender Female
Home Heart-House
First appearance Filly magazine

As she has both a horn with a special pattern and wings, she looks like the Star Fillies, but the magazine called her an "Angel Unicorn" Filly instead.The patter of her horn is not usual the unicorn fillys.

The magazine tells us several details about her:

  • Family: Ruby
  • Determination: Angel of Hearts
  • Hobby: She loves all plants and animals and can talk to them.[1]
  • Magical Talent: If she feels like it, Irisa can turn clouds into heart-shaped cotton balls with just one whistle.[2]


An illustration from magazine's cover (new visual style)



  1. Original text: "Hobby: Sie liebt alle Pflanzen und tiere und kann sogar mit ihnen sprechen."
  2. Original text: "Magisches Talent: Wenn sie Lust dazu hat, kann Irisa Wolken mit nur einem Flugelschlag in herzformige Wattebäusche verwandeln."
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