Species Royale
Gender Female
Home Jewelry Shop
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Title Princess

Принцесса Lang-RU ПринцесаLang-UA






Other names Джейд Lang-RULang-UA
Other relatives Ekaros (cousin)

Jade is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

She received another release of her toy, appearing in  'Crystal edition' where she is seen as an ordinary filly with the usual design 'Royale' version of Jade always had. The only difference is in the style of the image, a new style for this toy line.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Princess Jade is a very gentle Filly. She walks with true charm.She is everybody's friend for she attracts other Fillys due to her kindness and ease. Everybody says that she will become a noble and gentle monarch one day. She owns the Hair Jewelry shop where she designs pretty hair jewelry with the shiniest jewels one could find. She is Prince Ekaros' cousin.

Fillies from the Jewelry Shop
Diva, Ekaros, Jade, Leonarda

Filly Princess toy line character

Princess Jade
Species Princess
Gender Female
Home Castle of Sirona
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Title Princess
Hercegnö Lang-HU
Księżniczka Lang-PL
Princesa Lang-ES
Princesse Lang-FR
Princezna Lang-CZ
Prinsessa Lang-SE
Prinsesse Lang-DKLang-NO
Prinzessin Lang-DE
Принцесса Lang-RU
Other names Джейд Lang-RU

Джейж Lang-RU(magazine, foil bag plus stickers variant)

Parent/s King Ekaros
Queen Leonarda
Sibling/s Cedric
Princess Pretty
Grandparents Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives Baroness Flower (cousin)
Duke Linard (cousin)
Princess Amira (cousin)
Prince Valentin (cousin)
Sir Kuno (cousin)
Snow Queen (aunt)
Sulta Admin (uncle)

Princess Jade is Cedric's sister along with Princess Pretty.

She is the heir to the throne and is to rule the western part of the Filly Kingdom someday. Jade often questions if she would be able to handle this task, but every filly is sure of it: she will become a wonderful queen. Even now, she is praised for her generosity and kindness.

Princess Jade is often found in the garden next to the castle. She likes to sit on the swing that is attached to one of the trees of the garden. This wondrous swing was gifted to her by a brave prince from the land far away. Since then Jade has always remembered him. What if they will marry one day?

Fillies from Castle of Sirona
Cedric, King Ekaros, Princess Jade, Princess Pretty, Queen Leonarda
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