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In The Hoopenhoof Game
In The Hoopenhoof Game
Voiced by Miguel Marquez Lang-VE.png
First appearance Art of Magic (not voiced)
Species Witchy
Gender Male
Home Funtasia (now)

Light Witchy, head of Tulip team in the match of Hoopenhoof game. He knows a lot about this specific kind of sports.

He is hinted to be a few of years older than Will.

Jerrik seems knowledgable and rational but he didn't always make good choices. In the past, he used to mostly focus on sports and the game rather than on friendship. In The Hoopenhoof Game, he didn't believe in success or skills of Will at first.

Jerrik also had no wish to help the others (Rose, Lynn and Cedric) in trouble until Zack commented on this lack of morals of the witchy. Later, Jerrik thought about his actions and changed his mind to finally join the fillys in saving their friends.

He is seen in several episodes of the show but only as a background (not talking) filly in most of them.

Interesting facts

  • While this filly didn't have a talking role prior to the release of second part of season 1 (14-26), there was one Light Witchy briefly appearing on background of opening sequence (episodes 1-26), who is similar by design;
  • Jerrik is one of the characters who were featured on the teaser image with silhouttes of fillys that was released before episodes 14-26;

Image from official account of the show on Weibo

Background Witchy