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In Treasure Hunt
In Treasure Hunt
Voiced by •Carlos García (The Cupcake Mystery, The Blue Rainbow, Dream of Doom, Bijou on the Loose, The Magical Maze, The Lost Mermaid, Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near, Art of Magic, A Magical Lesson, I Dare You);
•Abraham Aguilar (Teacher for a Day, Farina, the Fire Dragon) Lang-VE.png
First appearance The Cupcake Mystery
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Home Unknown

Johan is a filly who's attending The Royal Magic Academy with Rose, Bella, Cedric, Lynn, Will, Zam, Zamie and Melody. His name is given in the credits for the Latin American dub of the show.

He doesn't appear as often and is seen as a calm character who doesn't want to compete with the others, choosing to co-operate and work in a team instead, much like Melody and Rose (revealed in The Treasure Hunt). Just like other fillys of his class, Johan has his own unique mirror which appears from time to time in several episodes.

Johan was previously called 'Troy' by fans of Filly Funtasia, both due to lack of certain information about the series and similarity in color scheme to the previously existing filly of the Beach Party!! series. However, he is an exclusive character who was created especially for the show, just like Zam, Zamie, Cooking Pot and others.

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