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Lea with Leonard, an image from the site
Lea with Leonard, an image from the site
First appearance Filly Wedding toy line (Winter Wedding)
Species Witchy
Gender Female
Home Unknown
Spouse Leonard

Lea is a filly who appeared in the first edition of 'Filly Wedding' toy line, known as Winter Wedding.

She and Leonard apparently have family and friends, but the info doesn't explain as much as to tell who those would be.

The appearance of Lea was established by the official media such as flyers, the package of the toys, cards and the website of Filly. However, in almost every known source she received a name Alexandra which is pointing to a character of the same toy line. Both of them are the witchy fillys of 'Winter Wedding', but Alexandra is only present in the merchandise known as 'Arch and Carriage' (a play set).

Lea's name is revealed by the text of Sammelband 2015 which happens to have the information on fillys for this line included within it.

This character's favorite colour is dark blue, and the flower she likes is Gentiana (the reason for this isn't explained in the book).

It is said they don't always agree with each other but those quarrels cannot last very long. As soon as Leonard gives Lea a kiss on her cheek, everything is well again.

The pair loves to play games when they are with their friends. Lea and Leonard dislike losing at the games.

Lea's mother made a gift for the couple's wedding which would bring them the good luck. This text doesn't clarify the details, but an image of a blue flower bouquet may be of a hint.

Lea and Leonard have a wish for their wedding, they want to see a lot of chinese lanterns flying in the sky.

Both her and Leonard appear in the magazine's comic.

The toy form of Leonard and Lea, named differently by the official merchandise's text