An image of Leonard from the site
Species Witchy
Gender Male
Home Unknown
First appearance Filly Wedding toy line (Winter Wedding)
Spouse Lea

Leonard is a filly who appeared in the first edition of 'Filly Wedding' toy line, known as Winter Wedding.

He and Lea apparently have family and friends, but the info doesn't explain as much as to tell who those would be. His light-blue snow-themed cloak matches both Lea's cloak and veil, with all the household implications this could have for two Fillys that most probably weren't related yet.

The design of Leonard is an established appearance. But out of every official media, only Sammelband 2015's text gives the filly this name. All of the other merchandise, including the website for Filly is calling him 'Andrew', mistaking Leonard for another witchy of Winter Wedding. The difference between them is that Leonard is seen in the merchandise of this toy line much more often, while the only appearances of Andrew beside Sammelband's page are the comic stories and a play set ('Arch and Carriage'). His name wasn't properly stated until the release of 'Filly Sammelband'.

Every piece of description for Leonard listed below is shared with Lea:

Leonard's favorite colour is dark blue. The flower he likes is called Gentiana (but it is unknown why does the filly choose this flower).

The couple of Leonard and Lea has quarrels, (the description of the characters adds a word 'naturally' for this part)  but a single kiss on the cheek given to Lea by Leonard solves the problems, which is a reason for the conflicts to be short lasting.

Both of them like to play games whenever they meet their friends. Leonard and Lea dislike losing at the games.

Leonard and Lea received a gift from Lea's mother. The fillys believe this present will bring the couple good luck at their wedding. There's no description of the gift in the text but an illustration of the bouquet of blue colored flowers is seen on the page.

The wish the pair shares: to have 'a sea' of the chinese lanterns for their wedding.

Previously, he was a Filly of the mysterious nature. The only information that was known about Leonard is the fact he was about to be married to Alexandra, and that all of their families and friends had to come to watch it. Back in the day, when there was no Sammelband for Wedding's characters, no info on Leonard's personality and daily life was added by the website.


Leonard and Lea being confused for the other witchy couple

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