This is a list of episodes, trailers, and other released show material for Filly Funtasia.

List of released trailersEdit

Order Article name Release date Reached public through
First trailer October 2013 trailer 15th October 2013 YouTube[1]
Second trailer November 2013 trailer November 2013 WorldScreen
Third trailer April 2014 trailer 11th April 2014 (original reel) Twitter


Fourth trailer October 2014 trailer 13th October 2014 Funtasia Daily
Fifth Trailer October 2015 trailer 6th October 2015


Episodes awaiting releaseEdit

For a list of released episodes, see Episodes.

Planned broadcasting channelsEdit

Country Channel Premiere date
Lang-IT Italy K2[3] Early 2016
Lang-ES Spain Clan Unknown
Lang-US United States (Hispanic) Vme (possibly Vme Kids) Unknown

In addition, there are strong intentions to create a Filly presence on SmartTV's, YouTube, and video on demand services[4]

References and notesEdit

  1. The first major attention it got was from Equestria Daily, but it did not premiere there.
  2. The video is listed as being published more than a week earlier, but was unlisted, so the date refers to when the first link to the video was tweeted.
  3. One article list Frisbee as the channel, which is another Discovery Italy-owned kids' channel, but aimed at a general kids audience, whereas K2 is somewhat more teen-oriented. The article does not list any sources on it, however.
  4. KidScreen "BRB plans to shop the series at MIPTV (April 13 – 16) and is looking to develop the brand’s digital presence on platforms like YouTube, Smart TVs and VOD channels." Retrieved 10th of March 2015.