Samson, a Filly of the Shire species.

In the modern days of Filly, every brand covers one species. Filly Unicorn covers Unicorn Fillies in its entirety, for one.[1] It wasn't like that before. Not at all.

In Filly Forest and Filly Beach Party, almost every Filly were a different species from each other, and this very rarely resulted in major visual features on the characters and toys. This will be a list covering almost every one of these Proto-Filly species.

The species list


Quaggi, a Quagga specie, the only known Filly to be based on a confirmed extinct species.


Piltur, an Icelandic horse.


Mani, a Pegacornius Filly.

General traits


Zofus, one of the two Pegasus Fillies.

The vast majority of the above-mentioned species could count as very normal Fillys, if going by the species systems of the later Filly brands, such as the Proto-Fillies having very few visual traits. There are very few, if any, visual differences between a Percheron, a Haflinger and a Palomino, and even if you were pretty good with characteristic colours, it would be an unqualified guess at best[2] to figure out that Coco is a Criollo without looking at its bio.

Three Fillies from the Filly Beach Party line are a bit more obvious than those. Cheerful and Zofus have pegasus wings, making them fairly easy to figure out the species of. Mani takes it up one notch, having a horn in addition to its wings. These generally have a flair of mystery to them, especially Mani. Before the announcement of Filly Stars, the only known Fillies to have pegasus wings were these three and the three or four Angel Fillies, which for a long time grouped these six together on the Angel Fillies page.

Moreover, the Quaggi remains the only Filly on record to have distinct zebra traits, owing to being based on an extinct species with both horse and zebra traits.


  1. Of course, Magic is a bit of an oddball here, being a Fairy Filly with a horn.
  2. And pure guessing if not.
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