Species Witchy
Gender Female
Home Enchanted Windmill
First appearance Filly Witchy toy line
Parent/s Broom
Sibling/s Sky
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Lynn is a female Witchy Filly of the Wind family, living at the Enchanted Windmill in Zimsala. She doesn't have much faith in things, and can get grumpy, but can also be friendly if she has friends or family nearby.

In Filly Funtasia, she is among one of the five main characters and is seen as a snarky, but personally insecure and often shocked Filly, running in the forest or adding furthermore to rumors that has already spun out of control.

In the toys, she is seen as a young Filly believing that she has no magic, which would be a pretty unique thing among the Witchys, but as her family is known for their weather control abilities, thunderstorms have a mysterious tendency to build up whenever she's in a bad mood. She originally had pink hair in the Filly Witchy main line, but after casting her first successful spell in the Witchy universe, whatever that spell was, she received orange hair in the Filly Witchy Black Edition around September 2013 (give or take three weeks), only a matter of weeks before the October 2013 trailer. She is also very good friends with Xenia.

Appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

In the October 2013 trailer, she is seen building up theories along with her other friends about the monster, claiming that a huge and frightening stranger broke into the Royal Magic Academy.

In the April 2014 trailer, while everyone is confused and a frog is jumping around, she runs out of the classroom, with Cedric following after her.

She is running around in a varyingly dark forest, jumping over logs on a trail and almost running off a cliff, and then being hugged by Rose, all in the same forest.

She is also seen sitting right next to Rose in class and is perhaps the most shocked when she raises her hoof.

She is in addition to this seen laughing and showing negative expressions a whole lot during these two trailers.

The synopsis for Alone At Last mentions that Lynn and Rose are dormmates, and that Rose has the ability to drive Lynn crazy at times, but still cares for her because she still proves to be a good friend like when she saved her from getting lost in the forest.

Sammelband bioEdit

Lynn's Sammelband bio is fairly unique in that it takes place a solid while after how the situation was on her website bio, more or less establishing Lynn as a storm-focusing Witchy who has overcome her magical worries.

Lynn Thunder witch

  • Eye color: Blue
  • Coat color: Magical purple
  • I like: Storms
  • I don't like: Standing in the limelight
  • Motto: When you think that you can't do, try it out and believe in you!
  • I wish for this: Finally learning proper magic

Good friendsEdit

With my best friend Xenia, we achieve the most beautiful things: We pick cherry flower bouquets, organize flying-ballet afternoons, and catch a couple of clouds to have a delightful rest on them.

Thunder and lightningEdit

Sometimes I think that I'll never learn proper magic. There's always something that goes wrong. When I then get frustrated, lightning and thunder happens every time. Funny...

(Speech bubble)Edit

When I casted my first successful magic spell, my hair turned orange out of happiness. (...)