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Magic 1.png
Voiced by •Angélica Rodríguez Lang-VE.png
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Male:
Filly Fairy: Lang-DE.png, English, Lang-RU.png, Lang-CZ.png;

Filly Fairy: Lang-UA.png (
Filly Funtasia: Lang-UA.png
Title Král Lang-CZ.png (
Other names Мэджик Lang-RU.png
Home The Boat
Sibling/s Miss Magic
Magic (character)/Gallery

Magic is a Fairy Filly, and is the main line rarity of the Filly Fairy toy line. Unlike most Fairy Fillies, he has a horn, like that of the Unicorn Fillies, and white wings, a rare trait also shared by his sister Miss Magic. He is stated to be a "real" unicorn, despite him, or perhaps because of him, preceding the Filly Unicorn toy brand.

He does not reside in the Magical Land, and only visits it once a year on a sailing ship. Princess Scarlet's travel schedules seem reasonable in comparison.

The Ukrainian commercial of Filly Fairy calls Magic 'a unicorn princess' which could mean he was mistaken for a girl.

In Filly Funtasia


Magic appears in both episodes A Visit from Fairy Land and I Dare You, to meet the fillys from Funtasia.

The design of this filly is kept but the gender (as evident by eyelashes, female voice and the usage of words in Ukrainian dub) may be changed.

Another design for Filly Fairy

Mockup design for the package of Filly Fairy blind bags found on internet features a filly with pose of Magic. Their look is different from how Magic appears on artwork of the actual package. The image could be made or edited in June of 2009 and intended for press which may mean this design was considered to appear on at least some level.