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Princess Sparkle answering a call from Bella in the April 2014 trailer.

The art of magic is practiced widely in the Filly world.

In Filly Funtasia

The available information and material makes it a bit vague what types of magic they learn at the Royal Magic Academy. Crystal magics and personal unique magics have been cited, and Witchys flying on their brooms could be observed in the November 2013 trailer.

The mirrors that are used by students and non-students alike show such abilities as appearing and vanishing on command, lifting up objects into a levitating state, communicating over long distances, and sending beams up in the air, and the Wizard of the Dark Mirror's main motivation is to steal all the magic in the "kingdom".

Various other mechanisms are seen in trailers, such as a whirlwind apparate and a larger range of glowing gems.

In the toys

Cropped from magazine.

The Witchy Fillies are particularly fond of it, using it for everything imaginable, ranging from getting brooms to fly, blocking out all sounds within three meters, enchanting wands to make its thief stand out in the crowd, to making all the pavements in Zimsala very slippery. A few Witchys has encountered stomach aches after eating too much sweets, that were enough painful that no magic helped on it. In a recorded case of this, the Filly's cat sat on her stomach to finally solve the problem.

In contrast to many other horse franchises, very few Unicorn Fillies are credited with being able to do magic with their horns, with the Fairy Filly Magic being claimed to have very powerful magic, and a Russian source proclaiming that Rose's paint coloring skills came from her horn (German sources contributed it to a magic paintbrush instead).

Entire lands have been described as magical, just as much in the sense of "unimaginably wonderful" as in "magic skills are performable here".