Species Royale
Gender Female
Home Flower Tower
First appearance Filly Royale toy line
Title Princess

Magica is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Princess Magica is Princess Lori's best friend. Magica loves to play tricks on other Filly by casting spells on them. She transforms their hair to funny-looking styles when you least expect it. Whenever seen together, the entire Royalia thinks they are secretly planning something tricky...That is why, nobody trusts her with their hair, being a very tricky hair styling apprentice!

Countess Magica
Countess Magica
Species Princess
Gender Female
Home Castle of Taliesin
First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Title Countess
Condesa Lang-ES
Comtesse Lang-FR
Gräfin Lang-DE
Grevinna Lang-SE
Grevinne Lang-NO
Hercegnö Lang-HU
Hraběnka Lang-CZ
Komtesse Lang-DK
Księżna Lang-PL
Графиня Lang-RU
Other names Catherine Lang-HU
Магика Lang-RU
Parent/s Duchess Romantica
Duke Linard
Sibling/s Lady Lori
Countess Melody
Grandparents Sulta Admin
Snow Queen
Great Grandparents Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives Prince Valentin (uncle)
Princess Amira (aunt)

Filly Princess toy line character

Countess Magica is a female Princess Filly, who can talk to a number of nature's wonders, such as birds, squirrels and trees. By listening to what information they have to tell her, she is well-informed on what happens in the Filly Kingdom. As a possible result of this, she cares a lot for the nature, and is "thoughtful and considerate".

Apparently talking to birds has become a popular second language in the Filly World.

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