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Magical Land
Native Filly type Fairy
Subregions Pink Castle
Pink Bellflower
Purple Bellflower
The Palace
Yellow Bellflower
Yellow Castle
A dock for The Boat
Other names Fairy Land (Filly Funtasia)

Страна фей Филли, Королевство фей Филли (coloring and activity book) Lang-RU.png

The Magical Land is an area hidden in the dense forest of the Filly Kingdom, and is home to the Fairy Fillies. The land is notoriously well hidden and the location of its entrance is actively kept a secret, and the gates guarded by Fawn, unless you have inside Fairys who are willing to tell you where it is.

The ruler of the land, Queen Titania, arranges a dance ball on full moons. Facilities of the Magical Land include the Filly Fairy Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as well as a restaurant run by Melian and a hair salon run by Zoeda.

Noteworthily, it has an instance of a resident at one house taking a full-time job at another house, as Puk is working as a maid at The Palace despite being related to the members of the Pink Castle.

The land is rich in flora, mostly trees, bushes, bellflowers and decoration flowers. Rather unusual even for a Filly land, there are no information on known record that indicates that there is a fauna in the Land, as there are no animals visible or spoken about by anyone.

Demographics and groups

Differences in housing are extreme, with higher-end Fillys residing in castles akin to Filly Kingdom royals, while a number of other Fillys live in mere bellflowers.

Fawn and Thori moved to the Magical Land at young ages, but has become tightly integrated in the Magical Land as if they had always been one of them.