Princess Sparkle laughing. Note that three of the five gems in her crown are visible. Those five gems include the gems of all the other Crystalia families.

Many of the Filly toy lines include a rarer toy. These character have special attributes in character design and/or toy design. Common traits among them includes only visiting their lands with certain frequencies, being mysterious, having crowns with multiple gems, having more or better types of magic than other Fillys, and among the less mysterious ones, being good rulers or listeners. Especially prior to Witchy was it common to designate these characters as Ultra Rare, and they always live in a household of only one or two Fillys, usually in the center of their land, as contrasted to the norm of four or more (Cases of three-Filly regular households did occur in Filly Fairy, though).

These Fillies are:

A few brands also have two-Filly top-tier households, such as:

This is not to be mistaken for a land ruler, as many of the Fillys on this list aren't in their lands very often, in which case a Filly standing on top of the regular heritage tree could be considered the full-time leader.

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