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Voiced by •Laudon Andrea Lang-HU.png
•María Fernanda Febres (1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13);

•Rosanne Estévez (2, 5, 10), (15);
•Oriana Villacis (17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26), Lang-VE.png

First appearance Filly Princess toy line
Species Royale
Gender Female
Title In Filly Princess
•Condesa Lang-ES.png
•Comtesse Lang-FR.png
•Gräfin Lang-DE.png
•Grevinna Lang-SE.png
•Grevinne Lang-NO.png
•Hercegnö Lang-HU.png
•Hraběnka Lang-CZ.png
•Komtesse Lang-DK.png
•Księżna Lang-PL.png
•Графиня Lang-RU.png
•Contessa Lang-IT.png
In Filly Royale
•Принцесса Lang-RU.png
•Принцеса Lang-UA.png
•Księżniczka Lang-PL.png
•Princezna Lang-CZ.png
•Printsess Lang-ET.png
•Princese Lang-LV.png
•Princesė Lang-LI.png
•Princesse Lang-FR.png
Other names •Irina Lang-HU.png
•Мелодi Lang-UA.png
•Мелоди, Мелодия (Multi-Pulti plus toys) Lang-RU.png
•Melodie Lang-FR.png
Home In Filly Princess
Castle of Taliesin
In Filly Royale
Royal Spa
Sibling/s In Filly Princess
Countess Magica
Lady Lori
Parent/s In Filly Princess
Duchess Romantica
Duke Linard
Grandparents In Filly Princess
Sulta Admin
Snow Queen
Great Grandparents In Filly Princess
Emperor Karus
Empress Diva
Other relatives In Filly Princess
Prince Valentin (uncle)
Princess Amira (aunt)
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Melody is one of the characters who was updated from the Filly Princess toy line with the Filly Royale toy line.

In Filly Funtasia

In the series, Melody is a student in the same class as the main cast. She is often seen with "Troy" during lessons.

Story from Filly Royale toy line (on MyFilly site)

Princess Melody has the most beautiful singing voice in Royalia. She loves to sing in the morning, waking up the Fillys to a wonderful song. She owns the Beauty Bar, entertaining their customers with her voice. She is hoping to join a singing competition and be a professional singer.


Filly Princess toy line character

Melody in Filly Princess

Countess Melody is a female Princess Filly, who was adopted by Duke Linard and Duchess Romantica at a young age. She loves music, and is also honing her singing voice everyday, which is already good enough that listeners from far away consider it to be beautiful.

Residents of the Royal Spa
Residents of Castle of Taliesin
Countess MagicaCountess MelodyDuchess RomanticaDuke LinardLady Lori
Royal Magic Academy students
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