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Mister Pryce
Voiced by Daniel Contreras Lang-VE.png (Art of Magic, The Haunted Library)
First appearance Art of Magic
Species Royale
Gender Male
Other names Señor Pryce Lang-VE.png
Home Funtasia

Gray-haired librarian filly who is there to give an advice to the young who want to learn and to keep books at the library in order.

He helped Rose to find the book and to understand the principles of how the nature works in Art of Magic, so everyone would know what happened in the garden and solve the problem.

In The Haunted Library, Pryce noticed how the library turned into place where chaos resides (all despite his efforts to bring the usual order of things back) and asked the students to see what really happened since he is afraid of losing his job he is so fond of ('Books are my life').

He is usually seen at the library.