Species Connemara pony
Gender Female
Home Ireland
First appearance Filly Forest toy line
Other names Měsíční paprsek Lang-CZ

Moonbeam is a female Connemara from the Filly Forest line. She is a talented jumper from a horse species that is said to be very popular.

In the first-release canon, Moonbeam resides at a riding school in Ireland, where she trains on her jumping everyday with a then 12-year old rider named "Betty", who has won more than a hundred horse competition prizes and who is mad with love of her Connemara Filly.

In the restructuring canon, Moonbeam's main pastime is to jump over various fallen trees and logs in the Filly Forest, and is a colorful decendant of the Connemara ponies.

The english, german and norwegian descriptions of the character named them 'Moonbeam' with only the czech version being different.

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