Species Karabair horse
Gender Male
Home Germany
First appearance Filly Forest toy line
Other names Supper Lang-DE

This page is at the time of writing used to test a canon division in Filly Forest material. Terms used here are not yet agreed on by the Wiki.

For Mermaid Filly, see Nemo.

Nemo is a male Karabair horse, and his species have a very long history in the Far East. In the campfire continuity, Nemo can tell the most wonderful bedtime stories about those times, and everyone are listening quietly when he starts to tell about his family and origin. In the farm continuity, he lives in Germany, where he is harness-ridden in knight tournaments, and his species are placed in Central Asia and were fighting in many wars due to their suitability for harness riding.

He's been named like that by both english and norwegian versions of the text.

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