Filly Funtasia Promo 2

Filly Funtasia Promo 2

The November 2013 trailer of Filly Funtasia was the second trailer for the show. It is rather short, but showed the presence of non-speaking animals and the first wide shot of the Royal Magic Academy.


In what appears to be around sunrise, Rose is running up to the top of a hill, and gets captivated by the butterflies flying around her. She stands up on her two hind legs, and laugh a bit.

Then, she looks at the skies below the hill, which turn out to be a big cloud covering the view of the lower areas of Funtasia, just as it is cleared away somehow. The lower valley shows some Fillys walking on the pavements heading towards the Royal Magic Academy, and some Fairy Fillies flying to the same destination. The title card is shown, and that's about it.

Release history

The trailer was first discovered at the trailer-screening site Worldscreen on the 6th of November 2013, though the original upload is now gone. The Worldscreen upload was quickly ripped and uploaded on YouTube by several channels.

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