Filly Funtasia Teaser with Multi-Language Subtitles

Filly Funtasia Teaser with Multi-Language Subtitles

The October 2014 trailer of Filly Funtasia was released on the 13th of October 2014. For the occasion that BRB Internacional made their annual presence on the MIPCOM trade expo, they offered Funtasia Daily the chance to premiere the trailer to a wider audience, with an ordinary YouTube release following very shortly afterwards.

It takes the form of one continuous episode sequence from The Missing Student (now known as The Blue Rainbow), greatly expanding on scenes from the April 2014 trailer where Rose, Zack and Fabian were traversing a cave system with a blue gem.

Trailer plotEdit

It starts with Fabian finding out where Rose and Zack has been, which was in the bottom of a ditch. Unfortunately, the blue gem he's carrying bumps into him, scaring him enough for him to fall down too. The crystal lands inside a cave, and the three see a way out of their problems. Upon looking inside, the cave was pretty large, and Zack leads the way to get through the cave, and summons his mirror so that it can make the gem levitate.

A while later, which Rose claims have been several hours, they still haven't found their way out, and there's discussion whether to retreat or go further into the caves. Zack opts for the latter, which includes walking over a very narrow ledge.

After walking some more, they get to the end of the caves, but there weren't any visible exits there, puzzling Rose and Zack.

Other trailer eventsEdit

Throughout the walking sequences, a new song is played in the background. A very common request among Filly fans before the trailer, was in-episode songs, the wishes for which were more or less met in this trailer.

When Rose asks at the end, "Zack, where is the exit?", it was the first time that the white Star Filly was given an official name. Before this, a number of nicknames had been used, most commonly "Al the Alicorn". Some hours later, comments from BRB identified the yellow-green Filly too, naming him Fabian. It would still go a three more months before it was figured out what Filly species the horned and winged Zack belonged to, when his name was used in the Filly Stars background story.

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