Filly Funtasia Promo 5 - "Magical World"

Filly Funtasia Promo 5 - "Magical World"

The October 2015 trailer of Filly Funtasia was released on the 8th October 2015. It alternates between scenes from the opening sequence (placed in random order) and various episodes of Filly Funtasia.

It's set to a long version of the theme song used for the opening sequence.


The show starts with a tarp showing two unicorns with mirrors centering a floating land with a castle. The scene then shifts towards a lively scene, which features Rose with her parents at night time. Rose lifts one hoof with one of her father's and walks off toward a flat bottom and mirror. She jumps on the flat bottom, then it starts to glow on top while sparkles fly out. Rose looks back on her parents one last time before look towards the mirror, which starts to glow. She takes a deep breathe and jumps through the mirror.

The title of the show appears and a rainbow appears then fades away just as Rose flies down. Rose seen running hopping towards her new school and surroundings. A wide view of the school is shown, before Bella is seen looking through her mirror while brushing her hair. After finishing, she takes a cupcake from a baker and eats it. Some clips then appear, showing various characters in standing positions displaying facial expressions.

Cedric is seen in his room tightening a windup gear for his invention, a painting wheel lamp. He nearly finishes it just before Rose comes in, surprising him. His invention begins moving toward a small nearby bucket. The next few clips are of various characters talking. It then shows a chalk drawing a crystal's trajectory, segueing into the same crystal hitting a forest, creating a large blue shock wave that passes across the academy.

Will rides on his skateboard then jumps in mid air over Rose. He loses control after landing and crashes into a nearby tree, his skateboard moving toward Rose. The scene then cuts to him lying at the tree with golden skateboards spinning around his head, before they disappear as he lifts his head and one of his hooves up, showing her that he's alright. Inside the school, Lynn comes right next to Rose then winks at her, then shows her a present. Opening it reveals a scary-faced bat springing upward to surprise Rose.

It then shows random events, including some that involve a trap Will has created. Wranglum and his assistant, Battiwigs, appear, plotting to take over the kingdom; However, Battiwigs accidentally drops him onto the floor below. Rose is shown next to Bella and Lynn in a classroom. She raises her hoof.

The trailer then shows Zam and Zamie entering the school, as Wranglum watches from the basement. More random events are shown, some of which show characters being surprised, including one involving Bella slipping across the floor from one dorm room to another. Battiwigs is shown flying out of the basement.

The camera then moves up a side view of one of the towers, ending with a transition to a front view of four teachers standing in a row on top; Sparkle shown in front of them near the rails. More short clips appear, some in a row focusing on one of the characters. The final scene features a zoom toward the castle before Rose, Bella, Will, Cedric and Lynn burst out through the door. Cedric and Lynn are jumping, while Bella and Will are running down and Rose is standing in the middle. They strike a pose as they freeze when the scene changes behind them into a yellow and orange background as the scene fades out.

Scenes from episodes Edit

Differences between promo and release Edit

  • The scene where Rose and Bella lie to Will takes place in a hall. It's the same as seen in the first trailer.
  • Some scenes have been flipped horizontally.
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