Species Angel
Gender Female
Home Party House
First appearance Filly magazine
Title Prinzessin Lang-DE

As she has both a horn and wings, she looks like the Star Fillies, but the magazine called her an Angel Unicorn Filly instead.

Her horn has a pattern that's unusual for the Unicorns.

The magazine tells us several details about her:

  • Family: Tanzanite
  • Determination: Angel of Cheerfulness
  • Hobby: Paula is really funny. She loves to make the Fillies laugh.[1]
  • Magical Talent: When she plays on her trumpet, everyone nearby starts dancing![2]


  1. Original text: "Hobby: Paula ist total witzig. Sie liebt es, die Fillys zum Lachen zu bringen."
  2. Original text: "Magisches Talent: Wenn sie auf ihrer Trompete spielt, fängt jeder in der Nahe an zu tanzen!"
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