Species Icelandic horse
Gender Male
Home Iceland
First appearance Filly Forest toy line
Other names Pilthur (restructuring)Lang-NO

Miru Lang-IT


Piltur is a male Icelandic horse of the Filly Forest line, who is skilled at keeping his warmth in windy and snowy conditions.

Piltur is the name the filly received in german version of Filly Forest.

In the first-release canon, when the more vegetation-lacking parts of the Icelandic plains are struck by cold winds, Piltur and "his herd" are the only ones that does not need to find shelter from it, as they have a thick coat and strong bodies. They are pretty small but also tough enough to live the life in the Icelandic wild, after having been brought to Iceland by vikings a thousand years ago[1].

In the restructuring canon, when the Filly Forest has reached its snowy winter, the Fillys of the Forest sit around the fireplace to tell stories, and the only one to keep his warmth well is Pilthur. His ancestors once lived in the Cold North where their thick winter coats kept all of them fairly warm.


  1. For those in the picky corner, an Icelandic horse is so tiny as to always qualify for pony status, and weren't in that state when they were brought to Iceland from Scandinavia, instead having been bred to function better in the remote conditions.
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