Filly Wiki
Pink Bellflower
Pink Bellflower 1.PNG
Region Magical Land
Native Filly type Fairy
Residents Will
Other names Rosa Glockenblumenwiese Lang-DE.png

The Pink Bellflower is a residence in the Magical Land. While Fawn and Thori were siblings that immigrated to the Magical Land, Fawn is living in the Pink Bellflower, while Thori managed to end up in the Pink Castle. Fawn is the father of Will and Faye, and while Faye is a very quiet poetry reader, Willow is more active and acrobatic to the point of making his dad state in public that he is hopeless, although even Fawn admits to himself that Willow is going to be a great acrobat some day.

It is not known who the mother in the household's family is.

In Sammelband 2012...

'True artists live in the pink bluebell meadow. The Fillys are always in a particularly good mood there'.