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Pixie 1.png
First appearance Filly Fairy toy line
Species Fairy
Gender Female
Other names Пикси Lang-RU.png
Home Purple Bellflower
Sibling/s Bree
Parent/s Caspian
Grandparents Oberon
Other relatives Alerta (aunt)
Elvin (uncle)
Theada (aunt)
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Pixie is a female Fairy Filly. She and her sister Echo are said to be the youngest horses ever to be admitted into the Filly Fairy Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which means that the Witchcraft Academy doesn't keep much records or much of a Filly-like vocabulary. Pixie has ambitions of becoming a doctor and to use her magical skills to heal other Fillys.

Her profile

This text was taken from Filly Sammelband and translated from German automatically

Sorcerer's apprentice

  • Eye Colour: Yellow
  • Coat Colour: Brown with a blaze on forehead
  • Occupation: Sorcerer's apprentice
  • Place of residence: Purple Bluebells Glade
  • Special feature: She has a healing practice for exhausted butterflies.
  • Favourite motto: I would like to be a healer, so I study hard day in and day out.
  • Family and friends: At magic school, Pixie and her sister Echo are the youngest students. Her brother Bree has nothing to smile about, sometimes.
  • She likes that: Pixie has a big dream: she wants to be a healer one day! That's why she roams the fairy kingdom and helps all the animals that have injured themselves.
  • Her helpful healing: Pixie took a tired butterfly to her healing practice and placed it in a magical one Bluebell Bath. After a short time he was fresh and recovered...

In Filly Fairy collection guide

Unlike some other filly fairys, Pixie doesn't have different name in the document.

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