Species Przewalski's horse
Gender Female
Home A large estate
First appearance Filly Forest toy line

Prezzie is a female Przewalski's horse from the Filly Forest line. She has various experiences with her species that may at times contradict each other.

In the first-release canon, Prezzie is held in high regard, as her species is one of very few horse breeds to survive the last Ice Age, and as such were the ancestors of all existing horses. Prezzie lives on the large estate of a collector of rare horses, and the Przewalskis no longer live in the wild.

In the restructuring canon, Prezzie can tell spectacular stories about her species, since they are the only true wild horse species remaining in the world. They also cannot be ridden or be put into a harness.

Alternate names for Prezzie's hard-to-spell species include Prezwalski in the first-release canon, and ... in the restructuring canon. The latter one is spelled as it was written on her web bio.

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