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Princess Pearl
First appearance Filly Mermaids toy line
Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Title PrinzessinLang-DE.png
Принцесса Lang-RU.png
Principessa Lang-IT.png
Other names Pearlia Lang-DE.png Lang-IT.png

Перламутрия Lang-RU.png

Home Aquatica
Sibling/s Shelia, Meredith
Other relatives Nerida (cousin)
Sirena (cousin)
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Princess Pearl is a female Mermaid Filly, the ruler of Aquatica (in Filly Funtasia, the mermaid who rules over it is Glitterina instead), and the Special Character of the first composition of Mermaid Fillies.

She stores all the pearls and crystals that the Mermaid Fillies find in the ocean, in a secret room somewhere in the Treasure Castle. She should probably be keeping an eye on Merrow, if he can ever get his plots off the drawing board.

The Filly Sammelband book is one of the instances of her being called Pearlia.

Her Russian name takes its origin in Russian word for Perlmutter (or Nacre, 'mother of pearl') and adds a few of letters to make the ordinary word sound like name for a girl (thus, it's similar to how one of German names of this filly is formed, Pearlia).