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Princess Pearl
First appearance Filly Mermaids toy line
Species Mermaid
Gender Female
Title PrinzessinLang-DE
Принцесса Lang-RU
Principessa Lang-IT
Other names Pearlia Lang-DE Lang-IT

Перламутрия Lang-RU

Home Aquatica
Sibling/s Shelia, Meredith
Other relatives Nerida (cousin)
Sirena (cousin)
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Princess Pearl is a female Mermaid Filly, the ruler of Aquatica (in Filly Funtasia, the mermaid who rules over it instead is Glitterina), and the Special Character of the first composition of Mermaid Fillies.

She stores all the pearls and crystals that the Mermaid Fillies find in the ocean, in a secret room somewhere in the Treasure Castle. She should probably be keeping an eye on Merrow, if he can ever get his plots off the drawing board.

The Filly Sammelband book is one of the instances of her being called Pearlia.

Her Russian name takes its origin in Russian word for Perlmutter (or Nacre, 'mother of pearl') and adds a few of letters to make the ordinary word sound like name for a girl (thus, it's similar to how one of German names of this filly is formed, Pearlia).

Information from Filly Sammelbands[]

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'Blue, green, yellow, pink, rose... my fin shines in all colors of the rainbow. Since I am the only one who wears so many colors, you can recognize me from afar'

  • Eye colour: Green
  • Coat colour: Pearl's white
  • I love: Seaweed lemonade
  • I dislike: Hiccups
  • Motto: The best thing in the world is a friend who sticks by you
  • I wish for: Happiness and harmony for all
  • Special pearl: A real freshwater pearl sparkles in my pink crown! It was found in a magic shell from a long time ago. Look how beautiful it is!
  • Aquatica's jewels: I am the treasure keeper of Aquatica and hide our pearl treasure in a secret room in the treasure chest castle. No one has ever seen it except for me!
  • My job: As the princess of the ocean, I watch over all the Filly Mermaids and make sure that laughter can be heard from dawn to dusk.
  • Biggest wish: Eternal harmony in Aquatica
  • Motto: In our colorful underwater world, everyone lives as they please
  • She likes: Counting pearls
  • Family and Friends: Princess Pearlia is very popular with all mermaids
  • Special traits: Her fin shines in all colours of the rainbow
  • Her task: Princess Pearlia rules over Aquatica and makes sure that all Filly Mermaids are doing well. Do you have a question or concern? Then go to Princess Pearlia, she always has advice!
  • The pearl treasure: Filly Mermaids bring all pearls and crystals (that they find on the seabed and in the shimmering shells) to Princess Pearlia. The treasure must be huge! However... no one has ever seen the jewels. Princess Pearlia guards them well and hides them in a secret room of Treasure Chest Castle.